Why ProfarmsDNA?

Our People... Our Business

Our Breeder Team comprises of 3 key people with a combined 14 years of formal university level science education and more than 70 years of practical farming experience.

We let our animals speak of our worth as breeders as they demonstrate the credentials of our breeder team and our ability to turn knowledge into action.

Our Breeder Team comprises of 3 key people with a combined 14 years of formal university level science education and more than 70 years of practical farming experience.

Our Team

Wayne M Reynolds

Principal Breeder

B. Sc (Agric) Hons. Dip FS (FP)

Mark E Reynolds

Applied Scientist & Breeder

B.Sc (Biol) M Sci PhD

Lindsay B Criddle

Retired Successful Farmer
ProfarmsDNA Breeder Team

ProfarmsDNA Breeder Team

L to R: Wayne M Reynolds, Lindsay B Criddle, Mark E Reynolds

Core Strengths

ProfarmsDNA breeding programs are centred on 4 core strengths:

1. Comprehensive performance recording

In carefully selected management groups where recorded traits including the full range of weights (birth, weaning, post weaning, yearling and adult), live scan traits, eye muscle depth and fat, along with careful recording of complete pedigree and birth date.
Sheep Genetics Lambplan evaluations and benchmarking play a vital role in our programs.
Carcase data from processor kill sheets is also a key part in performance recording and we look forward to the inputs from new technology.

2. Ram selection genotyping

Genomic selection of purebreds for cross breeding performance is a important part in our programs.
The right genotyping is a vital part for profitable lamb production linked in with pedigree.
High density SNP chips will further assist our breeding programs.

3. Objective measurement processes

Based on current and emerging science and technology plus our commitment to conformation and structure we aim to identify animals with the right genetics for profitable lamb production.

4. Data analysis and interpretation

Our 5Ds critical path approach coupled with our breeding tools enables our breeding programs to deliver increasing genetic gain in our seedstock and to our clients Genetic Action Programs.

Foundation Seedstock & Future Direction

The seedstock we use in our breeding programs are high accuracy elite animals that have deep pedigree, impressive carcase phenotype and express traits that represent the upper percentiles of Sheep Genetics Lambplan.

ProfarmsDNA genetics and geneflow of our terminal sire line has strong connections with Australia's leading studs Farrer (NSW), Ashmore (SA), Galaxy Park (SA) and Langley Heights (NSW) and we continue to infuse high level genetics into our seedstock to meet our breeding objectives and to improve slaughter progeny performance.

At ProfarmsDNA our clients are very important and as such we actively encourage and support our clients to:

  • Buy the Best fit for purpose rams possible,
  • Implement flock specific Genetic Action Programs,
  • Work collaboratively with us to identify and implant quality genetics into their business,
  • Improve management and breeding decisions via holistic consideration of production, growth and carcase traits.

We understand that the quality of our breeding programs is dependent on the inputs and outputs and the cumulative efforts of our combined skill, knowledge, ethics and integrity.

As the business of animal breeding evolves we take particular interest in reviewing the pivotal studies and key findings of the following industry and resource groups:

  • Sheep Genetics Australia
  • Murdoch University
  • University of New England (UNE)
  • Sheep DNA
  • SuperWhites Group
  • Australian White Suffolk Association
  • Merino Lifetime Productivity Project (MLP)
  • Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)
  • Livestock Data Link (MLA)
  • MLA Resource Flock
  • Meat Standards Australia (MSA)
  • Beef + Lamb NZ
  • AHDB Beef & Lamb UK
  • Neogen Corporation
  • Zoetis