Our Programs

At ProfarmsDNA our approach incorporates:

  1. The role of genetics in achieving productivity and profitability targets.
  2. The 5 D's critical path
  3. Want the Gain = Buy the Breeder
The animal model we employ in our breeding programs concentrates on Fertility, Growth Rate and Carcases attributes.

In terms of growth rate, we work with growth patterns.
Early high growth patterns including; Birth to 100 days, 100-150 days and 150-200 days with overlays to slaughter.

This growth and carcase trait focus, combined with our selection and mating methods and the targeted use of 2 important selection indexes; TCP (Terminal Carcase Production) and LEQ (Lamb Eating Quality), enable us to improve the breeding worth of the animal.

This focus is particularly important in cross bred production systems such as first cross Merinos, where the benefits of hybrid vigour and additive genetic effects combine for high early growth rate meat yield, carcase cuts and eating quality.

Whilst subjective eyeball selection is still a valuable tool, the advancement in objective measurement and genomic technologies offer both seedstock and commercial producers new options within their breeding program.

These advanced technologies also allow us and our clients to apply greater selection pressure on both the female and male components of the breeders equation as we improve economically important traits ultimately enhancing profitability.

The improvement of those economically important traits is founded on an understanding by the breeding team that the production of favourable progeny carcase and eating traits is not a simple reflection of equality in genetic contribution by parents. It is that understanding that allows our business model to leverage off the disproportionate importance of genetic contribution by the parents such that the whole of any animal we produce is greater than the sum of the parts.