Genetic Action Programs

The Road Map …The Breeders Alliance

We at ProfarmsDNA wish to align closely with producers of prime lamb.

We want prime lamb producers to benefit from having their production objectives aligned with profit focused breeding objectives.

So we introduce the ProfarmsDNA Genetic Action Programs.

Genetic Action Programs that are focused on the profit traits in prime lamb production.

Our aim is to build a network of like minded producer clients who wish to build on profitable genetics while gaining the benefits of cross breeding hybrid vigour plus additive genetic gain.

These likeminded clients will have implemented a ProfarmsDNA action programs and if they choose to do so, can gain membership to the ProfarmsDNA Breeders Alliance

For those prime lamb producers and breeders who choose to be part of our Breeders Alliance there are some important steps:

Step 1

Understand where you want to take your livestock business.

Step 2

Assess your current breeding program.

Step 3

Establish an appropriate breeding objective.

Step 4

Construct the Genetic Action Program.

Step 5

Implement the action program so that it:

  • Works towards the profit focused breeding objective
  • Matches production and carcase traits to rams breeding worth
  • Deals with genetic and non-genetic performance factors
  • Aligns trait emphasis and selection criteria
  • Links your business with superior genetics
  • Increase your profitability

To take advantage of the action programs and to become part of the ProfarmsDNA Breeders Alliance, it requires that you, the producer to take some action:

  1. Make a commitment to the Genetic Action Program for a period of 5 years while being assisted by the ProfarmsDNA breeder team personnel.
  2. Buy a team of 5 or more ProfarmsDNA rams annually for a minimum of 3 years.

We encourage you to become members of The ProfarmsDNA Breeders Alliance.